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1. Connect Spotify Artist PRofile

Open the menu on the PlaylistGOATS app, connect your Spotify artist profile in a few clicks, search up your artist name & confirm. No passwords needed!

2. Contacting curators (It's easy!)

Create lasting connections and submit your music like a pro with a single click. Search for your genre, then submit to the playlist(s) you want to in a single click.

3. Growing fan base

Submit to 100,000+ playlists with our easy to use app. Unlimited playlist submissions & direct messaging with curators so rest assured you can do it all with PlaylistGOATS!

We Help Artists Like You Reach More Fans

PlaylistGOATS go kinda crazy, wasn’t expecting those kind of results in the first month on my new album. Definitely going to be using ya’ll long term. Much love

Mark Battles ☑️

Vasi Gang | QC

It ain’t no joke when it comes to competing against artists signed to labels but PlaylistGOATS just leveled the playing field. I know they will be a house hold name for independent artists in the coming years.

Sad Frosty ☑️

Happy Cult | EMPIRE

What Makes PlaylistGOATS Different?

1. We care – we eat, sleep & breath results for the artist, this company is built by artists for artists.
2. We simplify the playlisting process – we have in-house software engineers who are constantly updating & innovating the app for continuous improvement & better results!
3. We use artificial intelligence & machine learning to guarantee you have only updated information.
4. We save you money – cut out the middle-man & take back control of your marketing, never pay more than you have to marketing your music.

How Does PlaylistGOATS Work?

☑ Connect your Spotify artist profile.

☑ Search through 100k+ playlists & submit in a single click.

☑ Create real relationships with curators.


Why Work With PlaylistGOATS?

Marketing your music on Spotify has changed since January 1st, 2021. Before you could wipe the crust out your eyes that morning – Spotify quietly purged well over 750,000 songs. These songs ranging from <1000 plays up to tens of millions. Now this speaks directly to our heart. The biggest mistake you can make is marketing your music incorrectly on Spotify, it could cost you weeks & months of your time. Not to mention your hard earned money & reputation. With our proprietary PlaylistGOATS software you’re getting quality marketing on Spotify. You no longer need to put your music at risk – with not knowing where those “random” streams came from. You’re taking back control of your Spotify marketing.

PlaylistGOATS cuts out all the B.S – giving you direct access to the top industry standard Spotify playlist database. Connecting you directly to tens of thousands of organic playlist curators who are actively looking for new music to discover. You now have access to a product that your favorite artists are already using.

Global and effective

Our PlaylistGOATS Spotify software is utilized in over 12 different countries! Using machine learning & artificial intelligence – with only a few searches you can connect with the targeted fans that are in your genre! Whether you’re an independent artist on a budget or a manager looking to promote 10 artists at the same time – you can rest assured you’re in the right hands with PlaylistGOATS!


Real RElations

Using PlaylistGOATS, you’re getting all the connections & industry knowledge we’ve built over the last 7 years.
Our team has worked with the following artists, some names  including: Lil Baby, A Boogie, Snoop Dogg, Juicy J, Hopsin, Joyner Lucas, Mark Battles, Money Man, Lil Keed, Sad Frosty & tons more! 

Guaranteed Security

When it comes to the privacy & protection of our artists and their work, security is our number one priority. To be sure, we have invested and will continue to invest heavily into security, encrypted database & web security around and throughout our site. Rest assured when using PlaylistGOATS, your information is safe with us! 

Targeted Marketing

To help artists grow a solid foundation, we only offer organic marketing solutions. By using our expertise, clients can reduce their to-do lists, save time & increase revenue. Our mission is to equip artists with powerful marketing tools while increasing their knowledge within the music industry.

Digital payments

We accept Debit, Credit, Apple Pay, etc.

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Why Promote On Spotify?

The growth of Spotify continues to make it the largest music streaming service in the world, with 172 million paid subscribers and 381 million active users, compared to Apple Music’s 60 million subscribers. Early 2022 – Spotify is on track to exceed 400 million active monthly users.

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