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Something happened to the music industry.

Research shows that today…most music is forgotten.More than 184M tracks are on streaming platforms like Spotify…And 86% of those songs have less than 1,000 plays.Just sitting there collecting digital dust.The worst part…The other 14%... a lot of them have their music taken down for artificial streams...It's a weird time for musicians...You pay these distribution companies to keep your music up.And if you stop paying - they take your music down.Boom, you’re evicted.But if they think you could maybe possibly be using artificial streams to promote your music, they'll pull your song down, take your money and make your pay to upload your song again...Like I said... it's a weird time to be a musician.They don’t care if your music grows. They just care if they get paid.That's why self-starting independent artists are hungry to run their own marketing again, tired of being subservient to major label reign clouds and playing the distro disco...But fake playlists are everywhere...And being able to tell if a playlist is using bots or not used to be ridiculously complex...Not to mention - if you don’t check for bots before you ask for placement, you can get your account into some sticky situations.Like when your "similar artists" are GONE.Or the artists are not even close to your genre.But the days of putting your Spotify account at risk... are over.Drop a playlist link into PlaylistGOATS and see if the playlist is using bots in a single click.Once upon a time you’d promote your music through Spotify playlists and then you got real results.We think it’s that time again.Enjoy PlaylistGOATS - we worked 80 hours a week improving it every day since 2021...I know you probably don't care about the details, but just know we worked hard on this and we talk to our customers daily to see how we can improve.PlaylistGOATS is the music industry's favorite bot checker and playlist submission software for Spotify artists.• Search playlists, submit in a few clicks.• Check for bots, within seconds.• Get playlist placement, with fewer steps.• Pay monthly. Grow results daily.Playlisting deserves a dust off. A renovation. Modernized for the way we do playlisting today.With PlaylistGOATS, we’ve done just that. It’s a redo, a rethink, a simplified, potent reintroduction of playlisting. A fresh start, the way it should be.PlaylistGOATS is our love letter to playlist placement and checking for bots, and we’re sending it to you on the Web, Mac, Windows, Linux, iOS, and Android. (any device really)See you on the other side.—Mike
CEO, PlaylistGOATS

PlaylistGOATS is designed, backed & built by music professionals. We’ve worked with Money Man, Joyner Lucas, Lil Baby and many more!


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At PlaylistGOATS, we offer a hassle-free cancellation experience. You can cancel anytime without any questions asked or customer service trying to convince you otherwise. We don't believe in locking independent artists into long-term contracts. Our approach is simple, straightforward, and fair, that's the PlaylistGOATS way.

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We asked our customers "What changed for the better since switching to PlaylistGOATS?"
Hundreds responded, here's some of what they said...

"Much better way to find playlists"
"My listeners keep going up"
"Easier to track curators down"
"No more messy emails"
"Team and service is 10/10"
"I'm bringing better results than my manager"
"Spending less time marketing more time creating"
"Whole team on same page now"
"I'm a better artists now, more organized"
"I've gone from 300 streams per day to 3,000"
"And it just keeps going up"
"My music has never been growing faster"
"Went from 2,000 monthly to over 12,000"
"Used others but i'm sold on PlaylistGOATS"
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Welcome To The PlaylistGOATS Family!

We're working on getting your activation code ready!While the team gets that over to you, I have a few tips & tricks on how to become successful with PlaylistGOATS within 30-60 days.For example, a pop artist joined with less than 900 monthly listeners & within 30 days he was doing 27,000+That's not even close to one of our best case studies.But it's a realistic expectation of what you can get out of PlaylistGOATS if you're consistent.I'm not talking about spending 8hrs+ per day grinding like a second job...I'm talking about chillin on your phone submitting to playlists while you're on the couch for 30 mins per day.Could you do that?That's what I like to hear.————————————————
Add this link to your favorites: TWO:You should receive your login info & activation code to the email you provided within 30 minutes!If you haven't received within 30 minutes, please reach out to team@playlistgoats.comSTEP THREE:Once you're in...Login to your Spotify profile within a few clicks:

Now you've successfully added your artist account, let’s focus on the "Search" tab - that's where you'll find all the playlists!

Type in any keywords that relates with your music, for this example we're using Pop!

Once you search, you’ll see a bunch of playlists start to generate.💡Pro Tip: Wait for the playlists to load in before you start submitting!

Ask For Placement & choose what song/album you'd like to submit!

Once you've submitted to playlists (at least 50) come back later & check out your Chat!

Chat is for all your curator connections 🎙️Let’s jump over to our Playlist Analyzer section:

Drop in any playlist link on Spotify, you'll see something like this:

We're barely scratching the surface on what you can accomplish with PlaylistGOATS!I'm sure you're still waiting on your activation code, shouldn't be much longer now!See you on the other side!— Mike | Founder @ PlaylistGOATS

P.S. Submit to 50+ playlists per day to see good results & 250+ to see great results!P.S.S. We don't do any paid ads, we only grow if you recommend us to your friends! Tell a homie🤝

Something happened to the music industry.You used to record music, spend time/money mixing it.Then you’d login to your distributor, upload your track.As soon as you submitted, it felt like you made it. And you did.It didn’t matter if you got 10 streams or 100…Today you don’t get the same feeling, it seems that most music is uploaded and forgotten. Never touched again.Over a hundred thousand tracks are uploaded to Spotify every single day.And whether you know it or not - uploading your music to distributors enters you into a perpetual agreement with Spotify.Every song you upload must have 1000+ streams or more.And if you don’t, they won’t pay you a cent. Literally.Basically saying if you don’t market your music you won’t be paid.Searching for curators and submitting your music to playlists used to be hopelessly complicated, but PlaylistGOATS makes it much simpler now and vastly improved.Plus, musicians are hungry to run their own marketing again, done losing to every algorithm update & paying marketing agencies.Once upon a time you felt like you made it every-time you pressed upload.We think it’s that time again.Introducing PlaylistGOATS, the only playlist tool you’ll ever need again.• Pay per month, cancel anytime.• We give you unlimited access, you search through 10,000+ curators.• We give you constant updates, you keep a competitive advantage.• Simple and straightforward, not enterprisey with hidden costs.We just launched a new update, with more coming in 2024.A decade ago we were among the early pioneers leading the industry into the curator revolution. Now, 10 years later, we intend to help lead the way through. The new era of marketing your music on Spotify is just around the corner.—Mike
CEO, PlaylistGOATS

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