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It's How You Supercharge Your Playlisting Strategy

Use AI to connect with playlist curators and grow your fan base

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1. Connect Spotify Artist PRofile

Open the menu on the PlaylistGOATS app, connect your Spotify artist profile in a few clicks & confirm. No passwords needed!

2. Contacting curators (It's easy!)

Submit your music like a pro with a few clicks. Search for your genre, check out thousands of playlists & become the playlist GOAT!

3. Growing fan base

Search over 100,000+ playlists with our easy to use app. Unlimited playlist submissions & direct messaging with curators. Rest assured you can do it all with PlaylistGOATS!

We Help Artists Like You Reach More Fans

PlaylistGOATS go kinda crazy, wasn’t expecting those kind of results in the first month on my new album. Definitely going to be using ya’ll long term. Much love

Mark Battles ☑️

Vasi Gang | QC

Bruh Swerve goin up. Ya’ll boys helping me out alot. I got a bag for you soon when my album drop!

Sad Frosty ☑️

Happy Cult | EMPIRE

💻🐐 FAQs 

🎵🐐  What is PlaylistGOATS? – PlaylistGOATS is a music industry data tool that helps artists promote their music on Spotify by connecting them with tens of thousands of playlist curators using Artificial Intelligence. It’s designed to help artists reach more fans, save time and money while growing their fan base. 

🤖🧠  How does PlaylistGOATS work? – PlaylistGOATS uses AI and Machine Learning to identify the most relevant playlists for an artist’s music and connect them with curators. Artists can submit their music to an unlimited number of playlists, and communicate directly with curators through the platform.

📜🎵  How many playlists can I access with PlaylistGOATS? With PlaylistGOATS, you can access over 10,000+ playlists. And it continues to grow everyday.

🎸🎤  What genres of music does PlaylistGOATS support? – PlaylistGOATS supports a wide range of genres, including but not limited to pop, rock, hip-hop, EDM, country & way more. The platform is designed to help all types of artists connect with playlist curators. 

💰💸  How much does PlaylistGOATS cost? – There are different pricing tiers available to accommodate artists at different stages in their career. Independent artists accounts start at $99 per month while accounts for music marketing agencies start at $499 per month.

⏰📈  How long does it take to see results with PlaylistGOATS? – Results can vary depending on a number of factors, including the quality of the music, the competitiveness of the genre, and the overall time you spend submitting to playlists. Some artists may see results in as little as 3-7 days, while others may take longer. However, PlaylistGOATS is designed to help artists reach more fans and promote their music more effectively, which can ultimately lead to long-term success. 

📅📧  Can I cancel my subscription to PlaylistGOATS at anytime? – Yes, you can cancel your subscription to PlaylistGOATS at any time. Please check out our terms of service here. There are no long-term contracts or commitments, and you can pause your membership or cancel your membership by emailing

🤖👥  How does PlaylistGOATS ensure that my music is being promote to real people? – PlaylistGOATS uses Artificial Intelligence algorithms to identify real and relevant playlist curators, and the platform has a rigorous screening process to ensure that only legitimate curators are included into our database. Additionally, artists can communicate directly with curators through the platform, which helps to establish a more personal connection and ensure that your music is being promoted to real people.

❌🤞  Does PlaylistGOATS guarantee that my music will be added to playlists? – While PlaylistGOATS cannot guarantee that your music will be added to playlists, the platform is designed to significantly increase your chances of being added. By connecting you with a wide range of playlist curators and providing tools to communicate with them directly. PlaylistGOATS makes it easier to promote your music and get it noticed.

🎯📈  Do music marketing agencies & music managers use PlaylistGOATS? – Yes! PlaylistGOATS offers an upgraded agency account that gives agencies & managers access to more playlist data & give’s them a competitive advantage for their clients from day 1. 



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