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Marketing Strategy Session

 Let’s pull back the curtain on your music business, discover the best way possible to grow your fan base long-term, and get a 1-on-1 strategy session with Chris Kinney.

Verified music manager & marketer  – Chris has worked with artists such as: Tory Lanez, Lil Xan, Mike Jones, Stitches, Sean Kingston & many more.

Book your strategy session now & get the competitive advantage over artists.

real fan growth

Working with verified main-stream artists – you always have to bring organic results! Luckily, you can book an hour long strategy session with Tory Lanez & Stitches manager to get your music working for you. 

artist Consulting

Each artist is in a different phase of their career, our hour long strategy session will identify areas needed for improvement & you’ll receive an exact formula on how to increase fan retention.  

digital marketing

Management & marketing fees from industry level professionals cost an arm & 2 legs.  But we’re opening those affordable doors up to independent artists.

artist development

No matter what your problem area is: marketing, music flaws, or simply your confidence-we are here to fast track your career. We’ve helped hundreds of artists identify their specific problem areas & completely turn their ship around.

Have Any Questions? Get In Touch!

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