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PlaylistGOATS A.I. App

Artists took a devastating blow in January 2021 – 750,000 songs were taken off of Spotify in just 1 day.  This screams something to us.  If you’re not marketing your music organically, you’re putting yourself at a BIG risk.  That’s why we spent well over a year of intense effort at our music marketing company developing the PlaylistGOATS app.  With our proprietary A.I. software – you’ll take back control of your marketing.
Save hours a day submitting in a single click, save your hard earned money by ditching the middle-men, save your legacy. You never need to put your music at risk again.  We believe PlaylistGOATS is the only Spotify marketing app you’ll ever need. 

    • Easy To Use – Google Like Search Bar
    • Connect To Your Spotify Artist Account In A Few Clicks 
    • Instant Direct Message Functionality With Thousands of Playlist Curators
    • Cut Out The Label – Take Control Of Your Marketing 
    • Activate The Algorithm (Get On Spotify’s Radar)

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