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Instagram Verification

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Press release

Getting your article on the correct sites have never been more crucial. Artists spend thousands of dollars getting their articles on sites that are now blacklisted from Instagram. Work with the Goats.

Brand awareness

Recognition from sites like: Forbes, EarMilk, Los Angeles Tribune & many more will give you a leg up on credibility when comparing you to any artist, not to mention on instagram. If a haters-hating online, tell them to ‘Google’ you!

improved fan retention

When making social media posts online – every person who sees your post is a potential fan. Being verified on Instagram will give you a significantly higher chance of turning a first time impression into a life-long fan.

ultimate advantage

Direct messaging on Instagram has not been an effective marketing tactic in years – yet when you strap on the blue check, your DM to your favorite artist/celebrity passes by ‘requests’  and shows up directly in their DMs!

Interested In Applying For Verification?

Please include your name, email address, links to any current articles, IG & Twitter