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PlaylistGOATS is the go-to marketing hub for music artists that helps you grow your audience & build industry connections with ease.

Spotify campaigns

Algorithmic or editorial playlist placement anybody? Since 2015 we’ve helped Spotify artists get on more playlists & double organic results in less than 90 days.
We run campaigns specific to your genre, budget & needs. 

Music industry Consulting

Unsure about what step to take next? Need some professional feedback or just an outside perspective? Got an issue you’d like to solve? Then book a 1 on 1 consulting call. It lasts around 1hr. We can also provide you with assignments, list of takeaways & more.

Playlistgoats app

Finding playlist curators can be a difficult task. Not only that, but also trying to convince them to add your song to their playlist can be even harder. With PlaylistGOATS, you can search through 100,000+ playlists & submit in a single click. Message each playlist curator back & forth on the app.

Verified artist network

Are you a verified music artist? Looking to build even more industry relationships? Connect with other verified artists chasing the same dream as you? Help each other beat the algorithm & increase your comments & likes? Join our Verified Music Artist Network today!  

Need Help Deciding?

Please include your artist information & confirm your email. We look forward to hearing from you!